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Although sometimes competitors, HR software vendors ADP and Workday have announced a recent partnership. The two HR tech giants share a significant number of multinational clients, and the goal of this new partnership is to help those multinational businesses standardize payroll across more than 100 countries.

From a historical perspective, ADP was an early partner with Workday (2005) using ADP Connect to tie payroll to the Workday HCM system before Workday released its own payroll platform , thus making them competitors.

This new partnership will allow users of Workday’s software to manage ADP payroll information from within Workday’s solution more easily. Employers using ADP’s payroll software will be able to access and manage data entered directly into Workday.

“ADP’s increased collaboration with Workday tightly aligns market leaders to deliver a seamless global payroll experience,” ADP CEO and president Carlos Rodriguez said in a statement.

Initially, this partnership will be for ADP Globalview and Globalview Streamline combined.

This partnership will be very beneficial to multinational clients using both software systems for maintaining employee records and human resources data and payroll information. According to Barbry McGann, vice president of product strategy for Workday’s payroll services team, at least half of Workday’s multinational customers use ADP for global payroll services.

The integrated payroll system will show up in Workday’s software when the next major revision is released, which will probably be during the second half of 2016.

Applications from these partners are featured in the ADP Marketplace; ADP receives a transaction fee on any sales that result from a marketplace listing referral.

You can read the full press release in Fortune Magazine.